Hva kan vi tilby? 


Ønsker du å finne ut mer?

Vi har mange års erfaring, og vi har meget gode kundereferanser. Bare spør oss.

Der er Morten Nordli som har startet firmaet, og som det ble sagt på den store internasjonale konferansen NIC - der han presenterte maskinlæring for SMB-markedet:

"Morten Nordli is an IT-veteran working in/with both national and international companies for more than thirty years.

  • Senior consultant working with information management – BI, machine learning, big data, web portals – as instructor, developer, project management and architect. He is now starting up his third company, Datavett, with a focus on delivering services in data science, big data, BI and machine learning.

  • Two Master degrees plus additional studies from University of Oslo with focus on data science, social media theory and practice, informatics, literature/philosophy and educational planning and practice

  • Worked with Microsoft technologies for most of his professional life

    • MCSD: App Builder

    • MCSE: Data management and analytics, Cloud platform and infrastructure, Productivity charter

      • With a prestigious international career spanning 35 years, Morten, is a world class technology instructor and consultant and veteran conference speaker at such prestigious events as NIC and other Microsoft events.  Morten loves to talk about Microsoft technologies within Machine Learning, BI, BigData, SQL, and Azure. For the last 6 years Morten has delivered the Office365/SharePoint-track for Microsoft University in Norway with great success."

 Adresse. Vollen Skog 5, 1390 Vollen

Tel. 913 84 579

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